Designed to work seamlessly with the Alarm.com platform, the ADC-W115C-INT serves asa robust Wi-Fi extender and customizable wireless doorbell chime. Add the Alarm.com Smart Chime to an account when an in-home chime is not a feasible option during a doorbell camera installation. Simply pair the ADC-W115C-INT with the existing router, add to an account, add a doorbell camera, and enjoy boosted network signals that provide instantaneous chime notifications.

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• Wireless doorbell chime
• Wi-Fi extender (2.4 GHz)
• Adjustable chime volume
• Customizable tones
• Remote management and troubleshooting

In the Box

• ADC-W115C-INT Alarm.com Smart Chime
• Installation guide
• Power adapter
• Interchangeable plugs
• Mounting hardware
• Rubber feet